BICEDA BIO

     For me Biceda represents many things, not just mere artwork displayed on canvas or in jewelry. It is a unique collection of my imagination, grouped with my emotions on display for the entire wanting world to see.  Through my artwork I hope to share with you the endless possibilities art has to offer.

     As a young child with a language barrier and an extreme shyness, it provided for me an alternative mean of expression. Communication without speech is a shy child's greatest treasure.  It provided a blanket of both security
and relief.
      As a teenager it provided an outlet for my frustration. And as an adult it continues to provide an escape. It is a medium in which I channel my stress and sadness as I escape through fantasy and imagination.

     Art in its many forms has always fascinated me. Though poetry has always been a personal favorite of mine, the art of linguistics has successfully eluded me. I fear one day my addiction for it will be my own demise. The countless hours spent secretly writing words no one will ever read bring me peace.

     When I reach the point where my emotions begin to consume me I look for a release through my art. Though I use mostly loud bright colors my art is mute and bears no introduction. No catchy rhyme, rhythm or clever, riddle to unravel. 

     My art is simply visual, still diverse in so many ways. Visual art sets no boundaries. It has no limits or preconceived notions set forth by language, ethnicity or economics. It does not dictate, demand or insist.  It exists only to be interpreted, and to that it is always open. 

     On mute, listen closely and let the art speak for itself.
It is both vulnerable and resilient.  Through it I am able to share my many emotions and experiences from both my personal and professional life.  Many of my paintings are a reflection of my dealings with life and death and all stages in between. As a transplant nurse I have seen the rebirth of a human being long after his original creation. I have experienced hurt from a loss so great that not even time can heal.

     I express through my art an array of emotions that link and label us all human. Love, hate, joy, sadness, loss and rebirth are all facets I embrace and incorporate into my artwork. My experiences are as different and diverse as my artwork. I hope that you enjoy my creations and allow yourself to open up to the possibilities of what they can represent for you.

Now I welcome you to step through the revolving doors of imagination and into BICEDA
Daisy Diaz           

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